Garden in Heaven

A blend of contemporary Thai landscaping and decor, and massage techniques dating back to ancient, Far Eastern traditions, the Devarana Spa experience is a fine balance of old and new, East and West, revolving entirely around your wellness, pampering and peace of mind.

Sprawled out over two floors and boasting 13 sunlit rooms, a spacious, secluded salon for couples, and a large pool, the spa evokes the sense of luxury and grandeur that Thailand is renowned for, living up to its name – Devarana – which is Thai-Sanskrit for ‘garden in heaven’.

Our crown and glory though, is our team. Hailing from Thailand, our team of eight is rich in experience in some of the world’s best hotels and global Devarana Spas, and the treatments they have in store, such as our signature two and a half hour, Heavenly Nantha Garden Experience, are the ultimate in luxury and pampering.


“Devarana” (pronounced te-wa-run) comes from Thai-Sanskrit, meaning “garden in heaven”. It dates back to ancient Thai literature, called ” Tribhumphraruang ” also known as “Traibhumikatha”, written by Phraya Lithai. In this literary work, the writer described this particular garden as situated at heaven’s gate, surrounded by gardens and ponds, with a heavenly scent and a nurturing environment. In the garden, people can hear soft, melodic music played by harp, flute and other traditional musical instruments. In addition, the decor of the garden glimmers with silver and gold, and is filled with natural stones and gems.

Devarana Spa offers an atmosphere of ultimate relaxation in its very own healing garden in heaven concept. With an emphasis on pampering and wellness, “East meets West” Thai health and beauty practices have been sourced from age-old therapies and updated with modern knowledge to pamper and revitalize guests.

Devarana Spa follows this timeless concept, opening doors into a whole new world of tranquility. Our staff, trained in the ancient art of massage, will ensure your experience is nothing less than what this Garden in Heaven seeks to be -heavenly.

Devarana’s own proprietary made products are constantly renewed to offer an extensive and updated selection. All products are designed to inspire relaxation and beauty as well as practicality. Among our inspirational range of spa products are  spa baths, spa apparel, heaven scents, unique essential oil blends and Devaranan Thai Classical music collection, exclusively arranged and recorded for Devarana Spa.


Inspired by the concept of the garden in heaven, Devarana Spa, conceptual designed by one of Thailand renowned writers, Ploy Chariyaves, excites the senses and makes guests feel truly special. Luxurious pampering and healing treatments are offered in a soothing, stress-relieving environment. The contemporary Thai design and decor invites guests to transcend the everyday world and provides a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in which to enjoy premium spa treatments with traditional Thai service and hospitality.

Description of Interior

Devarana is refreshingly different with emphasis on simplicity and elegance.

The unique soothing ambience of our spa produces a balance of body, mind and spirit designed to create a whole new you. It’s a time to forget the stresses of everyday living and discover a world at one with your needs. Devarana’s sumptuous treatment rooms take you to the joyous inner sanctum.

Each suite is ever so gently soothed by shaded natural light and warm color scheme that’s sheer heaven as you ease onto the comfortable bed. En suite bathrooms provide that added touch of convenience and privacy.

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